“… You’ll Be Ready When It Is Necessary”

Building future strength is wise preparation and instills present confidence

3-11-15 BarbellWithoutDonuts

My trainer did it again. Linda had a comeback that stopped me in my tracks.

At her direction, I had just done a shoulder exercise that was extremely challenging. As we moved to the next apparatus, I was trying to convince her that what I had just done must be unnecessary since it was so hard.

“The particular muscle I was working must not be important since it is so weak. I must never use it…..why start now?”


Smiling, I continued, “I never lift anything using my arms like that. I’m sure using that muscle is unnecessary.”

Without skipping a beat, Linda responded, “Well, you’ll be ready when it is necessary.”

Speechless. Me. Linda never gives in. Never. She listens and I know she cares. That’s just it – she cares too much to not have me do what’s best for me.

Be like Linda with your kids. Care that much.

Awakening and keeping genius qualities alive in our kids is a great privilege. In today’s video, Dr. Kathy shares the first of twelve genius qualities determined by the work of Dr. Thomas Armstrong. She’ll tell us how curiosity is defined in this context, how we might shut it down, and how we can encourage our kids to use it. Ideally, we plan for it and allow for it.

Today’s Christian Woman Interviews Dr. Kathy About “Screens and Teens”

"Your Family: Unplugged"


Have you read Screens and Teens and you wish family and friends would read it, but they say they don’t have the time? Or, maybe you haven’t made the time yet to read the book yourself and you’d love something short so you can figure out what all the fuss is about. Here’s an article for you by Maria Cowell with Today’s Christian Woman titled “Your Family: Unplugged.” From the article:

… The effects of all that screen time are still being studied with some experts wondering if internet addiction and social media addiction are real conditions akin to gambling, alcohol, or pornography addictions. The American Psychiatric Association affirms that similar to other addictions, inordinate screen time does change brain chemistry—chiefly, in the release of dopamine. In May 2013, the APA added “internet use disorder” to their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders. Other problems that are now being linked to excessive screen time in young people include loss of social skills, impaired cognitive functioning and sleep disruption, escalating exposure to cyberbullying, and depression.

None of this surprises parenting expert Dr. Kathy Koch, founder and president of Celebrate Kids, who has been studying the effects of technology on this generation of digital natives. Her newest book, Screens and Teens, takes a look at some of the lies screen time technology creates and how parents can help their children recognize the truth and find a healthy balance. Koch identifies several lies perpetuated by screen time technology, including I am the center of my own universe; I deserve to be happy all the time; and information is all I need so I don’t need teachers.

Maria Cowell interviewed me and Arlene Pellicane, the author of Growing Up Social: Raising Relational Children in a Screen-Driven World (co-authored with Gary Chapman) and the article is worth reading in its entirety. These opportunities always make me a bit nervous, but Maria did an excellent job. I truly think you’ll find it helpful and thought provoking and so will your friends. Please share it.

God Is Active And Aware; God Intervenes

He is active and aware and not wringing His hands worried about what His people are or aren’t doing.


Tragedy here. Tragedy there. Tragedy everywhere. This is how it seems sometimes.

In the old days, you could decide to not turn on the television and probably avoid the news. That’s not the case anymore. There are headlines here, there, and everywhere.

Discouragement can set in.

As a believer in the God of the Bible and His Son, Jesus Christ, I don’t want to be discouraged.

Is your child a genius? What makes you think so? In this video, Dr. Kathy introduces a series of videos about the 12 genius qualities as determined by Dr. Tom Armstrong. We think you’ll be surprised by what they are and aren’t. But, you’ll have to wait for next week’s video to discover the first one. Today, she explains that they’re not the same as the multiple intelligences. This will be a very encouraging series!

God Is Generous. Very!


As I’ve been rewriting How Am I Smart? into the new version which Moody Publishers will publish March 1st, I’ve been struck again by one significant thing.

God is generous. Very! He could have made us without a brain. Or, it could have been very small. But, it has 100 billion neurons, the cells that are the brain’s conduits of information. It has great capacity. We have great capacity. God is generous!

Be like God today. Be generous.

Celebrating Friends For The Unique, One-Of-A-Kind Miracle They Are!

We are all unique one-of-a-kind miracles, and it's time to celebrate!


Today, two friends are celebrating birthdays. I hope my words here honor them and inspire you. I’ve never blogged about friends in this way, but I knew I needed to today.

BradSargentBrad Sargent is a unique, one-of-a-kind, miracle. Of course, this is true of everyone, but somehow it seems more true of Brad. Maybe it’s because he’s so comfortable in his own skin. He knows who he is and he’s confident in God’s design without being arrogant. This makes him very attractive.

Brad loves to celebrate people and their accomplishments. It’s one of the things I really appreciate about him. He’s constantly aware of how he can encourage others. I think all of us who know him would agree – he makes all of us better.

Brad chose to invest in me when I began writing my first book. He was my writing coach and I’ll be forever grateful. It’s also because of his recommendation that I was able to network with a strategic organization. His confidence in me and my gifts has meant the world to me.

Brad inspires me to stay the course – to know what God has called me to and to do it. He has worked on two massive projects for years – cultural analysis/interpretation for the church and spiritual abuse – and is respected for his expertise. https://futuristguy.wordpress.com/ He won’t allow himself to be distracted because he believes He has heard from God and this work is his to do. It’s been hard and lonely at times. He has not given up. He won’t.

Can you imagine how much better off we’d all be if we sought God regarding our call and our work and did it? I am grateful to Brad for his friendship and his example.

  • Let’s all seek God and fulfill our work.
  • Let’s celebrate others.
  • Let’s invest in others.

Kenda-Le-2012-headshotKenda-Le Pernin is the second friend I want to honor today. I’m glad God made her, too. She’s become a trusted friend after working with me for years as a business consultant http://mka-world.com/kenda-le-pernin/ for Celebrate Kids, Inc.

She’s brilliant in helping people determine goals and objectives and what systems will be necessary to achieve them. She got to know me and all that Celebrate Kids is about so her instruction was relevant, timely, and extremely helpful. More than anyone, she helped me understand Celebrate Kids isn’t just a non-profit ministry. It’s a business. I needed to see myself as an entrepreneur and she was the one God used to mature me.

I’m very grateful to Kenda-Le for her tenacity. She wouldn’t give up. I was such a novice when we began working together, but she understood. Because of her compassion toward me and passion for what I do, I knew she was safe. I could ask any questions I needed to and she’d repeat her answers as often as necessary.

KendaLeKenda-Le, like Brad, loves celebrating people. During every phone call, she wanted to hear about successes since our last call. She taught me to celebrate baby steps and the big deals. Yes, we credited God, but she also helped me recognize my growth. Without my increased confidence in God and myself, I’m not sure we would have made it through the financial valley that occurred several years ago.

Kenda-Le isn’t just passionate for me and Celebrate Kids, she is passionate for consulting. She loves her work and it shows. Because of her passion and expertise, I still have something posted on my wall, above my desk, that she helped me create in 2012.

Can you imagine how much better off we’d all be if we served others with abandonment? I am grateful to Kenda-Le for her friendship and her example.

  • Let’s all seek God and fulfill our work.
  • Let’s celebrate others.
  • Let’s invest in others.

“I am a collector.” That’s Dr. Kathy’s confession in this video. Learn why she collects what she collects and why she believes your children may benefit from having collections as well. Just enjoy it and then think about her advice and talk with your kids about it. As always, thanks for your interest and trust.

Crystallizing Children’s Intelligences

For intelligences to become strengths, awakening them isn’t enough.

dad mom daughter

Just keep writing, writing, writing. I’ve been humming this to myself lately – Nemo was swimming. I’m writing.

I’m writing the refresh of How Am I Smart?, my first book about multiple intelligences. The other day, I enjoyed writing the updated section for chapter 1 about the importance of crystallizing intelligences. This is different from the awakening of the smarts that occurs to make children aware they exist.

For intelligences to become strengths, awakening them isn’t enough. They need to be crystallized – a term used by Dr. Gardner, the “father” of the multiple intelligences. It causes the turning from weak or average to strong that gives definite form and direction to the smarts.

“Boredom” As A Benefit

Don't be afraid of boredom...


How was your weekend? If you attended July 4th celebrations and spent time with family and friends, I hope you had great times. Perhaps you heard fewer declarations of “I’m booorrreeeddd!!!

You and your kids learned they can find ways to stay busy. But, now it’s the beginning of another summer week.

I fully recognize that bored children can complain and be difficult. To avoid boredom they may want to use a handheld device every waking minute – or that’s what it feels like. This can cause us to complain. Neither constant technology or our complaints are ideal responses to the reality that each day in the summer has 24 hours.

Boredom can actually benefit children. Have you planned and plotted to try to avoid it at all cost? Don’t. We can’t fill every waking moment with something entertaining. We shouldn’t try. It’s not what they need even if they think they do.

We also shouldn’t try to engage them during every minute even though engagement is what they need.

  • They must learn on their own to find things that engage them.
  • They must learn to benefit from quiet and having “nothing to do.” In reality, in those times when they feel like nothing is happening, much can happen.

Boredom cultivates reflection and generates ideas. If our children don’t run from boredom, but embrace it instead, reflecting on their thoughts can prove very beneficial. They might arrive at new conclusions. They might formulate their own opinions and be able to explain and defend them. Confidence in what they believe can increase. All of this is good.

Boredom develops curiosity and increases creativity. During quiet and moments when there’s nothing to do, children left alone will can explore thoughts and things. They can investigate things and ideas they’re already familiar with ideas and things that are new. They can try doing familiar things in new ways. All of this means they may discover new talents. All because they’re bored.

Boredom inspires vision. New thoughts, deeper thoughts, and new ideas can result in new vision – for today, tomorrow, and the future beyond that. This can be very good. Boredom can be very good.

Don’t be afraid of it.