Kathyism #97 – “Be A Teacher”


To motivate children to succeed, we can take on three distinct roles. One is to be a teacher. We must do more than just tell children what to do and yell at them if they don’t do it. We must teach them what to do and what not to do. We must teach them how to do it. Often, including why we want things done a certain way and when and where it’s relevant is also essential if our kids are going to be successful. We must also be willing to correct them when they’re wrong. Dr. Kathy ends the video with a very important principle to pay attention to regarding corrections.

To motivate children to succeed, we can take on three distinct roles. One is to be a teacher. We must do more than just…

Posted by Celebrate Kids, Inc. on Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Questioning Authority: Stop Dumbing Down Dad

Graphic Credit: Baby Blues for March 17, 2015. Click image to visit source.

Graphic Credit: Baby Blues for March 17, 2015. Click image to visit source.

Unless you live in isolation, you’ve probably noticed young people questioning authority more often than you might have at their age. As I address in chapter 7 of Screens and Teens: Connecting with Our Kids in a Wireless World, many of our youth struggle with authority for several reasons. This Baby Blues comic strip demonstrates one. (The strip’s messages are usually positive. They’re always relevant to our culture.)

The children are watching an old television show and laughing as they realize “the dad is the smart character.” But, look more closely at the strip. The mom/wife is laughing, too. What might the kids learn from her response?

I wish Baby Blues hadn’t further exposed the reality that media often writes men and dads as being dumb, out-of-touch, and often irrelevant. This just serves to give kids (and wives) permission to believe it’s true.

I’m not naïve. I know some dads aren’t engaged with their families. Therefore, they can come across as being out-of-touch and even stupid during some conversations and experiences. If dads read this comic strip, maybe it served to get them thinking. I’m sad if it made them doubt themselves if they have no reason to.

I know many people don’t read comics today. I still do – it’s part of my comfort time, reminding me of my childhood maybe. I realize more adults than kids may have seen the strip. It’s dangerous for adults, too.

What have you noticed lately that indicates we can behave as if we need no authority and/or can ignore authority or people in our lives? For instance, there’s a current television commercial advertising a device to improve people’s hearing. In it, the wife wearing the device keeps talking about how much it improved her hearing while she’s ignoring her husband who is trying to get her attention. She then states something about hearing what she wants to. She’s totally disrespecting her husband in this ad.

If I was watching this with kids, I’d have them pay attention to it and then discuss it as a teachable moment. Look for these opportunities. Be alert and discerning so you don’t get subtly sucked into believing authority is unnecessary and you need no one.

God Is Active And Personal In Orchestrating Our Lives

handbag shoes

A friend of mine was nicknamed “Walmart” by a group of people she was mentoring. They believed she was selling herself short and not ever earning what she was worth.

After signs from God, professional growth, and being challenged and encouraged by a number of people, my friend became ready to charge for her speaking. Soon after she became comfortable, two paid speaking events materialized.

After a weekend of significant ministry and hard work where she earned more than she ever had, someone who heard her speak gave her a Louis Vuitton purse to express her appreciation. My friend knew enough to know it was expensive, but she was stunned when discovering it sells for $1,400.

Logic Smart: Arguing With Myself, Not Necessarily A Bad Thing

puzzle pieces

I wouldn’t have to go to my fitness appointment today. No one can make me go.

But, I should go. I made a commitment and Linda [my trainer] has the appointment in her calendar and has arranged her schedule to be there.

Linda will understand, though. She knows I just came home from a big event.

Working out can increase my energy. I wonder if that’s even true today. I’m so tired.

I can trust Linda. If I tell her we need to decrease a weight, she will and she won’t shame me.

But I also have a lot to do. Is today’s use of 90 minutes for myself appropriate?

I know it’s a stress reliever for me and sometimes it helps to focus my thinking. Maybe these are reasons to go even today.

Can you relate to this internal debate I had with myself yesterday?

Those of us who are logic smart can think things through well. I say completely. Some believe our thinking is too complete.

Cause-effect thinking is a strength. We can look ahead and make accurate predictions. If I do this … that might happen.

We can argue well if we’re not careful, self-disciplined, and other-centered.

I can argue with myself! J If my perspective isn’t healthy, I can convince myself of the wrong thing.

Watch for this in yourself and your children. Those of us who are very logic smart can almost always convince ourselves that the wrong thing is right. If you observe your children doing this, your conversation about their decision needs to include their inappropriate goal and/or lack of character that allowed them to settle on something wrong and unhealthy.

Telling people who are logic smart that their decision is wrong when they know they thought it through won’t work. It will often result in anger and, unfortunately, a less than great opinion of you. Rather, help them see that their thinking is wrong and that’s why the decision feels right, but is wrong.

Then help them understand, believe in, and want healthy and wise goals so their logical thinking will direct them there.

I did make it to the gym yesterday and it was the right thing to do – for me and for Linda. I honored her time and valued myself. I’ll go again tomorrow.

God Equips Us When He Calls Us, Totally


Have you ever kept ice cream in the freezer a bit too long? You know you have if you remove the lid and see tiny ice crystals before you see the ice cream. You can still enjoy the ice cream, of course. Believe me, I know.

The clouds I saw out the window last night while flying home from the Hearts at Home convention in Bloomington, IL, looked like they had a top layer of those ice crystals. They were especially beautiful and unusual.

Flying here and there is part of what I do. Many people know me when there’s a microphone in my hand. Or, maybe it’s my books or radio interviews that introduce them to the ministry of Celebrate Kids, Inc. But, there’s so much more to it.

I’m sometimes asked if I still enjoy traveling. Without hesitation, I can say “Yes.” Then I follow it up with this comment: “When God called me to the ministry, He called me to all of it.”

Kathyism #96 – “Happy All The Time?”

In Dr. Kathy’s new book about technology’s influence on young people, she explains that many of them want to be happy all the time. One reason they think it’s possible to be happy all the time is that it’s easier for them to ignore or be unaware of consequences than it was when many of us were their age. You’ll appreciate her very practical recommendations to help them gain understanding.

Convincing Progress Displaces Insecurities

3-11-15 BarbellWithoutDonuts

If your children complain they can’t do anything well, don’t yell at them. (I know you know that.) And don’t tell them they’re wrong. Convince them they’re wrong. When children are filled with doubt and have been told by even one person that they can’t do something or that they’re dumb, it will often take more than our words to comfort them. Plus, that’s not all we should want to do. Let’s show them who they really are.

We can convince children they’re doing things well by showing them the gradual progress they have made. That’s often what it is right? Gradual. We don’t go from one day of not being able to do anything to being able to do everything. Either do they.

Making mistakes is discouraging. Feeling you do everything slower than others is disheartening. Not understanding new ideas quickly can be frustrating. Sometimes our children know what’s hard and they don’t see or believe they’re making fewer mistakes than they used to. We need to intervene and do more than tell them. We need to convince them.

Dr. Kathy’s Discussion With FOTF’s “Plugged In” Blog

mother daughter computer pink

What do you think makes a significant difference in how children live their lives? How they live as adults? Do several possibilities come to mind? Good, because there are many things parents can do – and teachers and others, too.

A main source of excellence and a main way we pass our values on to kids is through conversations. By connecting. Listening. Talking. Observing. Questioning. Listening more. It’s both simple and complex.

That’s a main reason I wrote my new book, Screens and Teens: Connecting with Our Kids in a Wireless World. We must stay connected and screens can get in the way. Technology can become our focus, rather than each other.

Kathyism #95 – “Long To Connect…”

Dr. Kathy’s newest book, “Screens and Teens” is now available. The subtitle is “Connecting with our Kids in a Wireless World.” In this video she reminds us that teens long to connect even if their behaviors make conversations hard. We must not give up. We can ask the right questions, make the right statements, and listen.

Welcome Focus On The Family Listeners!


At Celebrate Kids, we focus on children and we want you to, too. If you’re here for the first time because you heard me on Focus on the Family Radio, welcome!

We encourage and support parents because you are your children’s first and most important teachers. The ways you love them, mentor them, and teach them matter!

We inspire teachers to rise above any discouragement and face challenges head on because children deserve the best. We greatly value educators!

We equip church-based teachers, leaders, and volunteers to love, lead, and teach well during these days when Truth isn’t respected like it used to be, but it’s just as important as it’s always been.

We share with children of all ages in all types of schools, churches, and camps to convince them of truths like these:

  • I can be smart with my smarts.
  • I am created on purpose with purpose.
  • I have present value, not just future potential.
  • I am who I am supposed to be.
  • I am a human being, not a human doing.
  • I am a unique, one-of-a-kind, created-in-the-image-of-God miracle.
  • I will control my technology. It will not control me.

Radio is an efficient way to influence people and we’re grateful to Focus on the Family for the opportunity to be a guest on their show. Speaking at events sponsored by Christian schools, public schools, homeschool groups, churches, camps, corporations, and conventions is the most common way we meet needs. Providing hope and direction is a privilege! You can learn more here.

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