Do you like roses? Many people do and Dr. Kathy does, but perhaps for reasons that might be different from yours. When you watch, you’ll see her beautiful keepsake from one of her trips to Thailand.

Kathyism #205 – Remember To Be A Good Steward Of Your Time

Continuing a fun video series on things in Dr. Kathy’s office, today she introduces you to two related items. If you agree with her that sometimes a visual reminder is valuable, you might want to buy something similar to place on a shelf. Watch to see what they are.
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Last week’s video was very serious so Dr. Kathy thought she’d do something more light-hearted. In this first video in a series about things in her office, she introduces you to a stuffed animal. Yes, you read that right and it’s in her office.

In last week’s video, Dr. Kathy shared a parenting philosophy she is in favor of. This week, she talks about the type of parent who greatly concerns her. She admits it’s a serious topic. You won’t be laughing if you watch. We predict you will be thinking. Curious? Good!

You might assume Kathy wants parents to hover over their children to make sure everything goes well. She doesn’t. She’s one of many who believes that kind of attention does not help children. Listen to learn what she is in favor of. It’s almost the exact opposite. You may be surprised.

Be encouraged today! Parenting is hard work if you choose to do it well. Having a priority isn’t the same thing as working on a priority. Don’t believe the lies that everything today should be easy.

Who do you want your children to be when they’re 18? Are you parenting so this may actually happen? Do your children have the same goals for themselves? It may pay to ask them and then to explain your goals, dreams, and desires. As always, we pray this video is a blessing.

Dr. Kathy recently spoke at a banquet for an organization that values parents and the role they have in children’s lives. To prepare, she thought about why parents parent. What’s their goal? What do they want to be known for? What about you?

If you know Dr. Kathy at all, you won’t be surprised to know that she believes much learning can take place during the summer. In this video she shares how to involve your entire family in this pursuit. Let us know how it goes!