Dr. Kathy continues talking about friendship skills with a look at how to maintain them. Her list of skills related to this idea will help you become more aware of what your children need to learn. She encourages you to look for opportunities to share how you maintain your friendships in teachable moments with children. She closes with one of the most important things to do in order to keep friendships healthy. Will you be surprised?

Without being able to communicate well, relationships will rarely become friendships and friendships will rarely grow. You know your children well. What communication skills would they benefit from strengthening? Kathy mentions several for you to think about and she reminds us that technology is a reason to talk with your kids about how to communicate well face-to-face.

In this video about the friendship skill of choosing friends, Dr. Kathy shares the four friendship levels we can teach young people. Rather than letting just anyone close to their heart and then getting burned by their behavior, we can teach them to guard their heart. We want to help preteens and teens move people thoughtfully through the levels to their heart OR we want them to stop a person at a particular level. If you’d like to check out our “Be in Charge of Your Relationships” piece, you’ll find it here in our shopping cart. http://shop.celebratekids.com/5-core-needs/relationships-to-friendships-brochure/

Do you interpret people’s body language and facial feedback and use your judgements when deciding whether or not to approach someone and get to know him or her? I do and I check back to see if my judgements were accurate over time. Let’s teach our kids how to interpret body language. Does that stance mean that guy is bored, angry, welcoming, or closed to newcomers? Knowing is valuable.

Dr. Kathy continues talking about how to help young people choose friends by explaining that they can use their senses, experiences, and intuition to identify and determine people’s beliefs and character qualities. She stresses that if our children don’t choose someone as a friend, it doesn’t mean they can be mean-spirited about it.

Relationships and friendships aren’t easy. Therefore, we’re beginning a series of videos to help you help your children and teens. Let’s consider the skill of choosing friends. When you help your children know who they are they’ll be able to identify who they might enjoy getting to know or having fun with. How would they answer the question, “Who am I?”

Dr. Kathy doesn’t just have books in her office. In today’s video, she explains why she has an unusual “picture” of an eagle hanging there. Do you know that they regularly fly at 100 miles an hour and can strangle animals four times their weight with their talons? They’re strong animals!
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There are two things in Dr. Kathy’s office this week that are often, but not always, there. She uses them to explain the power of God’s call on her life. Her insights may help you figure out why you’re feeling the way you are about what you’re doing.

Sometimes, with good intentions, parents will send their children off to school with a statement like, “Have Fun!” There’s a problem with that statement however and in today’s video, Dr. Kathy Koch explains why and what to prepare the children for as they head back to school.

Do you send cards in the mail and/or enjoy receiving them? Dr. Kathy hopes the habit never dies even in the age of texting. She keeps many of the cards she receives and she’ll share about a special one from her parents in this video.