Relax! Be An Encouragement To Your Teen

God generously created each of us with 8 Great Smarts. Helping children and teens understand they’re all smart in different ways has been invigorating for all of us at Celebrate Kids, Inc.

During the past few years, encouraging parents with this truth has been rich. I want them to know in the knowing of their knowing with a deep, unshakable confidence that children who struggle sometimes in school often have very successful lives. This is partly because all 8 smarts matter for life even if they don’t all matter in some school structures.

I wish more parents would relax. I wish they’d take the pressure off of kids to always earn straight A’s. I wish they’d let them play more and learn by doing. I wish teens would believe they can accomplish much good in the world even if they don’t graduate in the top 10% of their class. Absolutely!

So during this season of graduations, report cards, GPAs, and dreams of the future, I share this video with you. It will get you thinking. You may want to share it with discouraged teens. Bookmark it and watch it twice a year.

I want you to know in the knowing of your knowing with a deep, unshakable confidence that children who struggle can absolutely, positively leave the world a better place with their contributions. I want your children to know that, too!

Source: Time

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One thought on “Relax! Be An Encouragement To Your Teen

  1. Amen to that! Your article caused me to remember when our Judy (now 58) was not making her capable high marks that she came down to breakfast one morning stating she did not want to go to school Her teacher was putting undue pressure on her which caused me to call the teacher and let him know we, as parents, were pleased with Judy’s overall status because she was involved in Soccer, choir, Pioneer Girls, as well as her school work. We wanted her to be a well rounded girl. She has turned out to be a woman we are very, very proud of. PTL