An Open Door: Embracing The Opportunity To Influence

When I walked into Jim Daly’s office, I teared up. Even though he’s the President of Focus on the Family and I was there to record our interview, I wasn’t embarrassed. I felt free. He and John Fuller, the host of the show, noticed my tears.

John and Jim invited me to share what I was feeling. After sitting on one of the overstuffed chairs and getting my composure, I explained that some people have prayed on-and-off for 20+ years that I’d one day be a guest on their radio show. I had prayed often. I shared it was one of my mom’s greatest hopes because she knew how influential the show was, but that she was now with Jesus and not here to share in my joy.

Explaining how I had asked people to pray helped them interpret my tears. As tears came to my eyes again, I humbly but confidently told these two important men that I knew I was ready and Celebrate Kids was ready. How did I know?

We had prayed that I wouldn’t be a guest on Focus on the Family until I was a ready and Celebrate Kids, Inc., was ready to handle the outcome. I didn’t want to be a guest until I knew – really knew – that God would get all – all – the glory.

My Board of Directors, staff, family, and advisors knew if I was prideful, being on the show would be dangerous. If I was going to use the show to prove I was worthy, good, popular, or any other “thing” it would be bad. If Celebrate Kids didn’t have the infrastructure and inventory in stock to complete orders, our reputation would take a hit.

Entering Jim Daly’s office was a unique experience. Maybe more than at almost any other time in my life, I felt God’s affirmation. God’s blessings. God’s assurance. God’s love. God’s security. I knew I was being blessed. I was ready. We were ready.

Tracking the response to the radio broadcasts this past week has been only joyous. Reading individual comments has been rich. Counting hundreds of new “likes” on our corporate Facebook page and hundreds of new “friends” on my personal page has been fun.

Realizing thousands more people than ever before were reading my blog wasn’t intimidating. It never felt prideful to crunch numbers with my staff member who handles all the social media for us. (Thanks, Randy!)  It was exciting to know we had our highest day ever on my blog and our website. It was right. It’s why we wanted to be on the Focus on the Family radio show. For influence. Not popularity.

Emailing statistics regarding the sale of How Am I Smart? from Amazon to my Board members and selected others was all about the influence we were having. We – the collective ministry of Celebrate Kids – and not me. I knew deep down within me that it was never about me and my popularity, even when it was ranked the #1 family book on the site. It was about influence. Always was. Always will be.

Why? Because for 20+ years we’ve prayed that when I was ready and when we were ready, the door would be opened to influence thousands more people efficiently. Prayer matters. What we pray matters.

How are you teaching your children to pray for themselves? How do you pray for yourself? It matters. Absolutely.

Thanks for coming to the blog today. I’m glad you’ve become a reader – a person we can influence to the glory of God. If you purchased the book – or books – thanks! We’re truly humbled to know you’re open to our ideas.

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3 thoughts on “An Open Door: Embracing The Opportunity To Influence

  1. He cares and hears our prayers. Everyone of them.. As you say here…Absolutely!
    I love your honestly here Kathy. Your patience with God’s timing and the CK mission is worthy of mentioning. You recognized that His timing is important for the success of Celebrate Kids…and so…you waited on Him. I am in awe. Thank you for your absolute dedication to God’s truth, your long years of faithfulness and for your friendship. It IS a privilege to share the love of Christ with you.

    • Thanks, Dede. I’m glad these reminders encouraged you. And, I’m very glad we’re on the journey together.

  2. Kathy…Let me just start by saying….Thank you…Thank you…Thank you. You have given me a new way of looking at my children and their strengths and weaknesses. This was exactly what I needed. I have been struggling to understand my kids, both of them under 8. You have given me the tools & vocabulary to look at them from an entirely different point of view. I have not even finished reading, and it has already given me insights into my daughters behaviour.

    Also I am so glad that I read about “crystalization” of inteligence in the introductory part of your book. I saw that happening in my son the very next day, when out of the blue, he showed a great interest in native americans, both of us spend quite a bit of time looking up the subject online. I am so thankful to you that you introduced this concept that was unknown to me before.