End of Year Gifting

End of Year Gifting

End of Year Gifting


When children know their purpose, it can direct their efforts throughout life. Purpose is an antidote to helplessness and hopelessness. Purpose prevents apathy and inspires passion. It does this because purpose strengthens children’s security, identity, belonging, and competence. Knowing purpose builds lives. It rebuilds lives, too.

A major purpose of Celebrate Kids is to inspire people to find and believe in meaningful purpose. Purpose and life go hand-and-hand. We love helping children and teens discover why they were created and the differences they can make. We do this through programs for them in schools and churches. Also, our seminars and materials for parents, grandparents and church- and school-based teachers help them communicate purpose to their children, grandchildren, and students.

Also, many parents and teachers have told me they make new commitments to prioritizing their children and students after hearing me speak. Truths in my books inspire them in similar ways. Rather than succumbing to legitimate fatigue and rather than giving up when children challenge them, they step into their meaningful purpose. Their lives are rebuilt. All of us at Celebrate Kids are very grateful for these opportunities. We are grateful for our meaningful purpose!

In just a few days, I’ll be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. I hope you will be, too. I celebrate His birth because of His purpose – He came to earth to sacrifice Himself and to save us from our sins. Purpose always matters. Always.

Especially if you agree in the importance of children and teens knowing they were created on purpose, with purpose, for purpose, you can help us continue to fulfill our purpose. The gift of a contribution says “thank you” to us for what we do for you and others.

As a non-profit, for-impact ministry, contributions are an important income stream. Crunching our numbers reveals that on top of earned honoraria for my speaking and the profit from material sales, it costs an additional $2.36 to reach each person. When considering your gift, keep in mind the number of people you would like to impact.

Also, know that we have a matching challenge because of people who understand the needs of families and our ability to meet them. When we receive $10,000, members of our Celebrate Kids family will donate another $10,000! Now would be a great time to say “thank you.” Every gift matters. Just click here.

Thank you!

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