In this video, Dr. Kathy explains that many young people believe they are the center of their own universe. After briefly explaining why they think this, she shares practical, realistic things you can do to combat the lie and lead them to truth. Even inviting someone over for dinner can help. Listen and you’ll discover why.

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In this Valentine’s Day video, Dr. Kathy shares a special tradition she has with her two nieces and her nephew. Maybe this is your year to start a new tradition – they make holidays richer. She then wisely cautions us on our use of social media surrounding our gifts and how we’re celebrated. And for anyone for whom the day is hard, her last bit of advice is especially for you.

In this video, Dr. Kathy recommends some places that can be tech-free so conversations occur and relationships are strengthened. She also addresses a decision many parents make to only use technologyMonday-Friday for educational gain. Limits are wise. Watch this with your teens and talk about it. What can you do because people matter more than devices?

To learn more about Dr. Kathy’s book “Screens and Teens: Connecting with our kids in a wireless world” and the wide selection of resources provided by Celebrate Kids, please visit

Watch this video to understand a significant difference between younger and older generations. What Dr. Kathy talks about regarding relationships and beliefs has fascinated many people in her audiences. Check it out. And, like with many of these videos, ask your teens to watch with you so you can talk about it.

Because today’s teens and young adults are multitalented and often multi-passionate, they need direction in order to discover and believe in their specific purpose. Dr. Kathy shares two questions you can use to guide them. You’ll love this practical instruction!

Security is not found in the quantity of our online connections. It’s discovered in the quality of real and faithful relationships. Or, it should be. Let’s let our kids know that online relationships can be great and let’s model and talk about the benefits of relationships with people we meet up with face-to-face and on the phone.

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Will you be spending time with teens and young adults this week and next? If so, if you use Dr. Kathy’s idea about affirming them, you could positively affect their 2017. Yes! That’s how powerfully important your words are. What do you believe they can accomplish? Do they know that? Her example of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, will inspire you. Mary Christmas! Merry Christmas!

Wouldn’t it be great if all of us were more grateful? If you want your kids to be grateful, and not just express gratitude, there are some things we can do. Listen and choose one or two of Dr. Kathy’s ideas. They’ll make a difference.

To help children change, remember that “change” means “exchange.” When you want them to do less of something, tell them what you want them to do more of. For instance, you may want them to use technology less sometimes. What can they do instead? The use of Dr. Kathy’s practical idea may help this month go smoother.

This Thanksgiving week, let’s look for things we can agree to be thankful for. Although there are times when agreeing to disagree is essential and healthy, with our family and friends this season, let’s find and talk about things we agree about. It will do us good.