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Build Lives – Multiply Purpose



More than ever before, if we are not careful, Thanksgiving will be swallowed up and quickly forgotten because of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. Thanksgiving matters. Giving thanks matters. It should be who we are and not just what we do on one day.

What would it look like if we kept thankfulness, THINKfulness, and thanksLIVING, in mind throughout December? What would it sound like to live a life of gratitude?

Instead of, I have to buy more gifts, we would think, I’m grateful for my family that I can encourage with the gifts I choose just for them.

Instead of, I have to clean again, we would think, I am blessed with friends and I’m grateful I can host them.

Instead of, We are spending too much on groceries!, we would think, Isn’t it fabulous that our kids and our parents can come home for Christmas and that we have space for everyone together here?

And one more example. Instead of, I can’t believe how many requests for money we get this time of year!, we would think, I am privileged to know many people doing important work. I’m glad God gave me a generous heart.

Okay, maybe that last one was a bit of a stretch. I get tons of these letters, too. Is it a burden or a blessing? Our attitude and perspective matters.

I don’t just get letters like this. I occasionally send them, too. Celebrate Kids is a not-for-profit ministry relying on contributions from people who believe in the value of our work. Many families are in crisis and parents and educators are overwhelmed. We are privileged to help them build stronger and healthier lives by empowering them to discover meaningful purpose.

We feel so strongly about this that we’ve chosen that as our fundraising theme:


Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 28, has been designated as Giving Tuesday. If you give, you will join with others who support causes and organizations they believe in. Your gift of any size will allow us to influence more parents, educators, and children directly. We’ll be very grateful for your support!

Being a part of Giving Tuesday can be fun. Wouldn’t it be great if more is given tomorrow than is spent today on Cyber Monday purchases? Of course, tomorrow is not the only day to give. This is the start of the traditional giving season and contributing to Celebrate Kids at any time is always a blessing. Contributing with a check or credit card is easy here.

Each gift is tax-deductible. Thank you for helping us BUILD LIVES – MULTIPLY PURPOSE!

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